Why I’m Here

I grew up in a household where almost every evening my family gathered around the kitchen table to eat a home-cooked dinner. My mom’s cooking evolved from dishes that consisted of Sloppy Joe’s, beef stew, and turkey tetrazzini, to meals that revolved around what delicious produce she had access to. But no matter what she was cooking, she was always cooking something. Because of the constant interaction with her in the kitchen (of course we would do homework at the dinner table while she prepared dinner) I observed the basics one needed to know how to cook.

The most important skill I have found is how to read a recipe.

It’s important to know what eggs and butter look like when they’re creamed, what meat feels like when it is done, or when something needs more salt. But these are skills that you prefect when you continuously cook. For me the importance of being able to read a recipe allows a cook to go outside what they know and try new things.

Which brings me to my blog – where I will be finding recipes, cooking them and then telling you what I think about them. Typically I will make small changes to recipes as I cook, but my challenge here will be to not do that, with three exceptions: 1) halving the recipe; 2) I can’t do very spicy food, so if the recipe calls for what I consider too much heat, I will decrease the spice; 3) if the recipe calls for an ingredient, and I cannot find it after trying 3 grocery stores.

Thank you for joining me on this culinary adventure!