Recipe #23: Dorie’s Newest Chocolate Chip Cookies

Once again, I pull out my stand mixer for another recipe. Patrick and I are headed to Colorado with his family, and of course I want to bring along something sweet and turned to Dorie’s Cookies. I wanted a cookie recipe that would not be a huge time commitment and had an ingredient list where I could find most of the ingredients in my pantry. Apparently I had already made many of those and had difficulty finding a recipe that fit the bill. So I landed ton Dorie Greenspan’s Newest Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, where the only ingredient I had to buy was whole wheat flour.

How are these cookies different than her classic recipe I had made? According to Dorie, using a mixture of flours and sugars makes them chewier. She has also added coriander and nutmeg, definitely a change up to the flavors of a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe.

When making these cookies, I began to realize how much my baking style has changed since I begun digging into Dorie’s cookbooks. One the biggest difference is that I beat the batter longer to really ensure the ingredients are incorporated instead of stirring them for a little after they begin to look blended. One aspect I need to work on is my use of eggs. Dorie always suggests using the eggs when they are at room temperature, yet I always forget to take them out until right when I go to use them. Furthermore, I reflected on how making a chocolate chip cookie is all about the method. There aren’t lots of ingredients to make the cookie taste good, it’s all about how the dough is created. With this knowledge I paid more attention to my process and where I want to improve in the future.

When I went to bake the cookies, I also realized that my first batch that goes into the oven is more of a test to get the correct timing down. I even had my first baking “fail” since I began this blog.


The rest of the cookies came out great, and you could taste hints of the nutmeg when you bit into them. This became more of an experience reflecting on my own baking skills, where I have improved, and where I want to improve more. And now I can’t wait for the next sweet cookie I will be making!



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