Recipe #22: Butter

I never thought I would say this sentence: for breakfast I am going to make butter.

I always pictured that making butter was a tedious almost impossible task. Then I discovered there were such things as home churners that worked well. And then I learned you could make butter in your stand mixer using the whisk attachment in about 5-10 minutes. I have a stand mixer. I would like to eat homemade butter in the morning. Thus began my decision to attempt making butter.

After looking around online, I landed on Tori Avey’s instructions for making homemade butter. I can not stress how simple the instructions are! But the process is fairly detailed and Tori does a great job going through, explaining each step, and how the cream turns into butter. She walks through how to make it with a stand mixer and by hand! I cannot imagine making it by hand.

And, Tori’s instructions worked like a charm! I put the cream in the bowl of the stand mixer and turned it on. And let the whisk attachment do its magic, peaking at it every once and while. In about 12 minutes, I heard some slushing noises, looked inside and there was a lump of butter surrounded by butter milk!

I ate it for breakfast on top of warm ciabatta and it was delicious! It was easy to spread and just so delicious. I will definitely make it again and likely try different types of butters next, so stay tuned for more homemade butter adventures.



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