Recipe #21: Summer Couscous Salad

I don’t know what I love more when I attend a potluck: eating the food or asking people about their delicious dishes! When I read the recipe for Summer Couscous Salad from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, I immediately related to the story behind the dish.

Mel got this recipe from a friend, when that friend had made it for a potluck! The ingredients looked delicious, and it sounded like a great side for a summer dinner.

The ingredients were easy to gather, prep went smoothly, I even cooked the couscous, showered and then threw the rest of the dish together. Not only was it easy, but it was delicious and hit that summer spot! My favorite part was the hint of lemon that filled my mouth with every bite. I wasn’t expecting it to be so strong. And it wasn’t super strong, but it was enough to slowly fill your taste buds as you enjoyed the dish. The part of the recipe I was most hesitant about was the dressing, where there was significantly more vinegar/acid than the normal fat to acid ratio of a vinaigrette. But Mel’s ratio worked well! And the fluidness of the vinegar kept the couscous from sticking together. It made a bunch! And I may have to bring it to a potluck one day too!


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