Recipe #18: Espresso Chocolate Sables

Patrick and I got back from our long run a couple of weeks ago to find an Amazon package waiting. I hadn’t ordered anything so I immediately assumed it wasn’t mine. SURPRISE – it was for me….and in it was Dorie’s Cookies! Yep, he knows me well. (Or when I talked about getting it from the library again, he knew it belonged on my shelf).

I asked him to look through it and flag recipes I could make him, and he turned to the middle to begin browsing. When I looked through his flagged recipes, I was looking for something sweet to take to him as a surprise, only to find mostly cheese cookies. Cheese cookies will come out of my oven one day, I am just waiting for the right occasion.

He did flag a few sweet cookies, and I decided on Espresso Chocolate Sables.

It ended up being an easy choice, because I had made Patrick a coffee-chocolate chip cookie for Valentine’s day, inspired by one of his favorite ice creams: mocha-chip. And knew this would be a great surprise.

As I do with every recipe, I read the full recipe, made sure I had enough ingredients, and thought, these will be easy!

The turned out to be very different then any cookie I have made. First they are baked in muffin tins. Two, the sugar it uses is powdered sugar, a light very powdery consistency. This made the dough very different then what I was used to. It was sticky and didn’t feel like a cookie dough that would be rolled out. And as I rolled, I felt I was melting the butter, making it very clear why the dough has to chill before cutting, and needs to re-chilled frequently.

My favorite aspect of the recipe was how you add the coffee flavor. The mocha cookies had you add instant coffee directly into the dough without dissolving it in water. Dorie instructs the baker on how you can make a coffee extract that you will use to flavor. It never occurred to me that one could easily make a coffee extract and it made the coffee flavor so much stronger compared to the mocha cookies I had made.

Of course this was another winner out of Dorie’s Cookies, and I am feeling confident I will LOVE every recipe in her book.


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