Recipe #13: World Peace Cookies

“Mother says I was a dancer before I could walk” are lyrics from an ABBA song. I think about these lyrics when I think about myself, cooking and baking. I could bake LONG before I could ever cook. Some of my fondest memories growing up are helping my mom bake anything. Cookies. Zucchini Muffins. Banana Bread. We baked it all. It is what I am most comfortable in the kitchen doing.

But the best part of baking is sharing the baked goods with family and friends.

And it is becoming my go-to item when taking something with me to visit family and friends. So of course when Patrick and I flew south to visit Patrick’s parents and hometown, Birmingham, Alabama, we had to bring a sweet treat with us: Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies.

In short, they are a chocolate cookie with chocolate chunks in them. A chocolate lovers dream! But where does the name come from? While Dorie swears if everyone had the chance to eat this cookie we would have world peace, she only says that a neighbor renamed them World Peace Cookies and the name stuck. She wrote more about the history of the recipe on her website, and I recommend reading more about this recipe’s history.


Similar to the other three Dorie’s Cookies I have made, the dough was easy to make, and it reached a nice consistency following her recipe. I even made 2 batches at once (one to freeze), and the mixer was able to handle the capacity.

For me, the most experimental aspect of these cookies was the baking method. After the dough has been made, it is rolled into thick logs, chilled, cut and baked. I have never done a cut and bake cookie before. Yes, I have bought grocery store cookie dough that has been cut and baked, but I have never used this method with dough made from scratch. I now realize I favor recipes that have not used this method. However, after using this method, I am going to turn to recipes that use it more often. It adds a level of ease to a new cookie. I was able to clean up while the dough chilled, and then getting the dough on to the baking sheets was simple and I didn’t feel as though I was covered in dough after. I also cut all the logs up in one go, keeping the rounds in the fridge until they were ready to bake.

These cookies were absolutely delicious, Patrick’s family were fans, and I do see their power in bringing peace to the world.


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