Recipe #10: Super Tuna Melts

When I hear the name Tuna Melt, I picture my family kitchen when I was younger with my mom taking a Tuna Melt out of the toaster oven as they are on their way out, leaving us with a sitter. It was one of those meals I had no favorable opinion of, and never felt a need to eat tuna as an adult. But over the past year, I have slowly been adding Tuna Salad to my diet, and decided to try a Tuna Melt.

You may be wondering why I picked such a seemingly easy recipe in this blog post. It is because I really decided to try my turn at a Tuna Melt after finding it Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings. Cravings was one of the first cookbooks I purchased myself. I never expected one of my first cookbooks would be one from a Sports Illustrated model, but when I flipped through at my friend’s, and seeing many recipes I wanted to try, knowing I would reach for it many times. And fortunately I have tried many recipes from it, all delicious.

Recently I was flipping through it looking for an easy recipe for dinner, and saw her Super Tuna Melt recipe and thought it would be a great idea for an easy dinner.

And it was — the ingredients were super easy to find, it was easy to halve, and it gave a twist on what I am assuming is a classic Tuna Melt recipe. Her additions that attracted me included the addition of pickle relish (which I ended up using diced dill pickles) and dijon mustard. This added a tasty depth to the sandwich and turned me on to eating Tuna in the near future.


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