Recipe #9: Peanut Butter Change-Ups

I absolutely love peanut butter! My favorite candy can be any candy containing peanut butter. I have no problem opting for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. When I am training for a marathon, my training run breakfast is a bagel with peanut butter. So for my last cookie from Dorie’s Cookies before it goes back to the library, it had to be a peanut butter cookie and I picked Peanut Butter Change-Ups.

You are probably seeing the word “change-ups” and wondering how it is different from a normal peanut butter cookie. I had the same question. At first I thought it was the addition of nutmeg, but Dorie uses nutmeg in her Peanut Butter Criss Cross cookie. The difference lies in how the cookies are baked. Dorie explains that instead of rolling them into balls and pressing down lightly with a fork to make the criss cross pattern, you scoop them out, putting them on the baking sheet without reshaping. This makes them cakier and softer in the middle while retaining their shortbread feel around the edges.

Following her directions, the dough was extremely easy to make and scooping them onto the cookie sheets was easier than the lemon cookies.

And then it was time to bake them. The cookies have a recommended baking time of about 19 minutes, which I upped to 20 because I have been finding my oven needs a little more time. When I first saw the baking time I envisioned that it would make the process feel so much longer and harder. Instead I really liked the time. I didn’t feel rushed that there was always something that needed to be done with getting cookies in or out of the oven.

They were just as delicious as the other cookies I made of Dorie’s, and the combination of textures was a treat for the mouth.

While I am sad to return Dorie’s Cookies and The Chef Next Door to the library, I look forward to digging into a new cookbook. Please feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments!

Happy Easter!


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