Recipe #8: Chickpea and Butternut Squash Curry

The first time I made this recipe it began with me looking through pinterest at recipes I had pinned but not tried, saying to Patrick “how would you feel if I made a butternut squash chickpea curry for dinner?” and receiving in response “that’s fine, but I may need a snack after.” His hesitancy did not scare me off, and I went on and cooked this dish that he loved and has now become a favorite dish of ours.

While I found the Chickpea and Butternut Squash Curry on pinterest, it came from the blog Vikalinka. I pinned it because while I am not a vegetarian, I enjoy vegetarian dishes as I aim to make all meals I cook very balanced.

When I made this recipe it was full of a lot of firsts — the first time I was making a curry dish, the first time I was using coconut milk, and the first time I was using curry paste. And with these new ingredients in a new dish I was happy I followed the recipe. The coconut milk and curry paste gave the dish such a creamy taste without making it to heavy, or spicy. And yet despite the lightness, it was very filling. I also really enjoyed the smell and taste of the curry paste. I say smell first because I could smell it as I was cooking, underscoring that the dish would be delicious.

I am also pleased I went with a butternut squash curry for my first curry dish. While I had used curry powder in dishes before, I had never made a dish where you put all the ingredients in a pot and it stews in a curry sauce. Furthermore, the butternut squash added a new depth to the typical curry flavor. Not only did the butternut squash flavor permeate the dish, but the pieces of butternut squash soaked up the curry flavors, making every bite delightful.

If you enjoy curries and butternut squash, I strongly recommend trying this dish.


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