Recipe #6: Lemon Sugar Cookies

This weekend I have a girls night. Wine, chitchat and fun! And a perfect opportunity to try a new cookie. I looked through all of Dorie’s Cookies, ultimately landing on lemon sugar cookies. They sounded delightful!

I decided to bake them this evening, what better way to relax after a long busy week. I have made so many different types of cookie over the year, how hard could a new cookie be.

Harder than I thought!

The dough was as easy as I expected – except I put the lemon juice in a little too early. My mistake – but it didn’t feel like a big one. Getting the dough on the pan was where I began to have difficulty. It was stickier than I thought it would be, making me feel as though I hadn’t put in enough flour, or missed doing something else. The size of the cookies was also difficult to determine. I think I made mine too big because I made about 2/3 of what the recipe said it would make.

When I got them in the oven thinking that baking them would salvage the process – once again my hopeful thoughts led me down the wrong path. I couldn’t figure out the baking time, which is likely because of my oven and not the recipe, but when you have a light cookie that is chewy, its difficult to tell when they were fully done, something I always have difficulty with. I wish Dorie Greenspan could hang out with me in the kitchen and tell if my cookies were done or needed to return to the oven. (They did end up cooking completely, I just had to keep adding cooking time).

Despite the difficulty with baking they were definitely edible and extremely delicious. I am looking forward to sharing them with my group of girlfriends tomorrow night.



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  1. Loving the simplicity of these. I was never a big fan of lemon is cakes, tarts and cookies but recently I’ve really started to like the taste of it more and more. Maybe it is acquired taste haha?

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