Recipe #5: Smashed Yukon Gold Potatoes

For the first few months of my relationship with Patrick, he made a comment that I only would make pasta for him. In reality, various pasta dishes were what I felt most confident making. But, I don’t want to be known for just pasta – so I slowly expanded my cooking abilities and trying new recipes have become such a joy and I feel more experimental and confident in the kitchen.

When he visits, I try to make at least one or two great meals. Digging back into The Chef Next Door, I wanted a recipe I could add to dishes I knew I could easily pull together to create a new feel to what I am putting on the table. The recipe that caught my eye this time was smashed Yukon gold potatoes – which she described as “the time-crunched cook’s mashed potato.”

Mashed potatoes may have been one of my favorite dishes growing up. While I am constantly assigned to make them for Thanksgiving, with my sister always taking them over, I have not really cooked them on my own. Amanda’s smashed potatoes seemed like a good recipe to try a new twist on a classic dish.

Like her other recipes, the list of ingredients were simple, and although it took longer than her other recipes I tried, it was primarily waiting around while the potatoes cooked. Once completed and served they were quite tasty! They tasted like a mashed potato version of potato salad – yum! I served the potatoes alongside smoked Andouille chicken sausage and roasted asparagus.

Another hit recipe from Amanda’s cookbook – and maybe my family will let me serve them at Thanksgiving.


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