Recipe #4: Dorie Greenspan’s Classic Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

My recent cookbook craze really began because of my sister. Every conversation we have had about cookbooks lately has included a comment about how I need to get my hands on Dorie Greenspan’s Dorie’s Cookies. I was tentative about trying it because I feared having a cookbook with over 500 pages devoted to baking cookies. I don’t bake regularly (I wish I did) so would I really want a cookbook around with only cookie.

But I took her word and picked it up. She could not have been more right – it’s a great cookbook.

For my first cookie out of the cookbook, I picked Dorie’s Classic Best Chocolate Chip Cookie. Lately I have been baking various types of cookies, but it may have been years since I made chocolate chip cookies, so I thought this would be a good time to bake this classic cookie. This chocolate chip cookie recipe was actually a side note to Dorie’s Newest Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, but I went with the classic one because I was taking it to my cousin’s, who has 2 school aged kids, so I was unsure how all the different spices would go over with them.

After reading the beginning section where Dorie details common baking ingredients and techniques, I decided I wanted to follow her steps to a t, something I rarely do when baking cookies. Following the steps made me realize while I can bake well, there are many techniques Dorie includes in her recipes I would like to incorporate into my baking skills.

The cookies were delicious! I always forget how delicious the basic chocolate chip cookie is. The only aspect that did not turn out well: the earlier cookies that were baked for flatter and the later ones were more round. I may need to spend some time with my oven to get a better sense of how it cooks. (I may be getting an oven thermometer soon).

I strongly recommend checking out her cookbook – it will add depth and variety to any collection of cookie recipes.


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