Recipe #3: Curry Golden Raisin Sauce

I continue to dive into Amanda’s cookbook (I have determined I am now on first-name basis because of how much I love the cookbook). As I look through the cookbook again and again, I am drawn to recipes that allow me to add something to a simple dish (ex: chicken breasts) and up its sophistication. After much success with the root vegetable puree, I knew a recipe from the section on sauces would be a great place to start.

After exploring the section, I picked a curry golden raisin sauce. The ingredients listed consisted of only 5 easy to find items. And would draw on my effort to incorporate more curry dishes into my revolving go to dishes.

As I just mentioned the list of ingredients was rather simple and easy to find at the grocery store – however there is a 6th ingredient, water, that I almost missed adding. Fortunately I caught the error just in time to add it. The ingredients also included a specific type of curry powder: madras. In the effort to follow the recipe exactly, it was added to my grocery list. When I was looking through the spice aisle, I realized madras curry powder was a different curry blend entirely, but was also described as spicy. While Patrick, my better half, enjoys a kick to his food, I have been known to sweat and tear up when food is too spicy. I didn’t let the description of the level of spice deter me, and went forward with her amount of spice knowing I could just put less sauce on mine food.

Madras curry in hand I was ready to tackle this sauce!

And man, oh man, it was very easy! While I definitely had to watch the sauce, Amanda’s instructions were very simple. The hardest part was browning butter, something I had never done before. I may not have done it perfectly, but I will try browning butter again. The sauce was delicious, and too my surprise, not too spicy! The raisins had soaked up the curry adding a delicious sweetness to every bite. I served it over baked cod, the only thing I would change because the cod soaked up the sauce a little too much.

In conclusion – the recipe was definitely a winner and will be made again (just probably not on a Friday during Lent.)



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